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@BallStateMBB: Senegal’s Doudou Gueye

BY MATT CRAIG | Ball State Sports Link

Muncie, Indiana is not where you expect to find too many people from Senegal, Africa. Especially one who is 6-foot-10.

It was a pleasure putting this story together, getting the chance to learn about a culture, and a religion, that are far different from my own.

Part of being a storyteller is having toΒ take yourself out of your comfort zone. I certainly never expected to find myself in library of the Islamic Center of Muncie collecting footage for a Ball State basketball story. But in the end, it was an excellent experience and a lot of fun to put together.

An yes,Β people who are from different places, and who believe in different things, can get along!

Doudou is an awesome and incredibly kind guy. I wish him the best after his time at Ball State is finished.

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Chirp City Founder & Director of Content. Hey Bill Simmons, if you're reading this, hire me.

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