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  • Quinton Zielke: Dream Big

    BY QUINTON ZIELKE | Ball State Sports Link  I will never forget the days as a 5-year-old kid dreaming of working in sports for the rest of my life. That dream, though it seemed doable, slowly crept away throughout my freshman year. As I packed my [...]
  • Sports Link Wins 7th Outstanding Feature in 8 years

    The Sports Video Group (SVG) and National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) joined forces May 31 to honor the best in college-sports-video production during the 10th-annual College Sports Media Awards, sponsored by Ross Video. [...]
  • Sam Ahrens: Better Together

    BY SAM AHRENS | Ball State Sports Link Ever since I was little, the term “together” has played a big role in my life. Starting when my fourth-grade travel basketball coach had our team break every huddle yelling “together” to [...]
  • #SLFeatured: Family Legacy (Cody Rudy)

    Where are your roots planted? For Cody Rudy, it’s simple — hard work, perseverance and family legacy.  This is a story about those roots. From farms, football fields and country music’s biggest stage for Rudy’s aunt and [...]

#SLFeatured: FINAO (The Reggie McGee Story)

by Chirp City Staff in Featured

The city of Baltimore has a crime rate 361% higher than the national average. Those statistics clearly articulate a young black male with a single parent, living in poverty [...]

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